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The Brazilian Guide is a personal website written and edited by Felipe Sawaf for informational and entertainment purposes.

Our full registration is and can be found under the following variations:

Any information found on pages that do not originate from these registrations is not our responsibility.

The content provided here is written with the utmost care and attention and we do our best to keep the site up to date.

However, it is virtually impossible for us to monitor the speed at which information and values are updated in real time.

We also remind you that the tips are directly associated with our experience in each destination. This reflects the moment of our trip, in an assessment that has a lot to do with our background.

What was good for us may not be so good for you. It happens. People like and think different things all the time.

What’s more, stores close, restaurants change management, tours are canceled. We can’t control these factors. We can only talk about what we experience on each trip.

Another: authors are also prone to error. We can forget data, misunderstand a reference, even ignore information.

Sponsored posts

Occasionally, The Brazilian Guide publishes sponsored posts, content paid for by a particular company to be featured on the site. You can see all the articles published under these conditions in the Publieditorial category of our blog policies.

In cases where this post is written by the contracting company and reviewed by our editorial team, we declare that the text, information and images are the sole responsibility of the respective author and not of the site or those responsible for it.

For all these reasons, we assume no responsibility for the consequences of using the information contained in the Term of Use.

What we recommend: read our tips, absorb our experience. But always confirm the date, time, price and other essential details for your tour directly on the attraction’s official website. That’s where you’ll find the most up-to-date information.

Partners and affiliates

As described in the blog’s Policies, one of the ways we monetize the site is through affiliate programs.

We participate in the following affiliate programs: Amazon and Travelpayouts. 

We include affiliate links to these partners in posts and pages on the site. When you click and book a service / reservation, the company in question pays us a commission.

We only refer companies that we already use / trust. We refer them in good faith, as long as you also have a good experience with the service.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t cost you anything extra. The price of buying through our link is the same as buying directly from the company – or lower, as we often provide exclusive discount coupons for our readers.

Likewise, we remind you that the services provided are offered by third parties. The Brazilian Guide is not responsible for the service provided by any of these companies. Our relationship with them is only that of a company affiliated with the brand, with an indication of services.

Therefore, responsibility for the provision and quality of the service lies with the company in question.

However, as we have a good relationship and trust established with all our partners, we make The Brazilian Guide channel ([email protected]) available to try to solve any problems our readers may have with one of the affiliates listed on the site.

I repeat: we only work with companies we trust, after years of partnership and good experiences.

That’s why your feedback is also important: if you have had a bad experience with one of our partners, please contact us and describe the situation so that we are aware of it.

Ads and advertising

Also as a way of monetizing the site, The Brazilian Guide displays web ads from Google’s Adsense program.

The blog has no responsibility for the ads displayed, which are shown automatically. For a better browsing experience, Google Adsense uses cookies in your browser, as described in the

The Brazilian Guide Privacy Policy.

Other companies and brands

We declare that we have no relationship or connection with the other companies, organizations, places and brands that have occasionally been mentioned in The Brazilian Guide’s posts and pages.

These mentions happen spontaneously, to report experiences in the destinations (except when expressly described in the post, in the case of an advertorial).

It is therefore important to reiterate that everything we write reflects our personal opinion and understanding. You may have lived through the same experience and not agree with our opinion. That’s fine, people are different and have different experiences, even when we’re talking about people carrying out the same activities.

We reserve the right to change our opinion on any topic, whenever a current of thought no longer aligns with what we believe and the site’s mission.

We also reserve the right to update posts whenever we think information needs to be changed or revised. Whenever posts are updated, a note will be added to the end of the post, with its original posting date and its latest revision.