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Term of Use

Our commitment

Em Busca da Sintonia’s commitment is to provide you with memorable and practical travel experiences, based on our personal experiences and detailed accounts.

We do extensive research on our destinations, before we go and when we come back, to bring you reliable content.


Comments are very welcome on the blog. Your tips are a way of strengthening our content and helping other travelers.

Our aim is to respond to all comments, especially those involving doubts about the destination or material posted.

We just ask that, when commenting on the blog, you respect other travelers and our site, don’t be rude and don’t practice aggression of any kind.

Comments that don’t respect this policy will be deleted, as will those that contain spam or unauthorized advertising of any kind.

Monetization Policy

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into building a travel blog where, above all, there is transparency. In each post, the stories represent our opinion on the subject.

We don’t do hidden advertising. The blog’s monetization policies are: Affiliate Program, Google Adsense and Ezoic Banners, and Publieditorials.

Affiliate Program

We participate in the affiliate program of the following companies: Amazon and Travelpayouts.

These are companies with great credibility in the market, which we frequently use and recommend.

The blog receives a small commission for each purchase made through our site, but you pay exactly the same amount for the service.


The Brazilian Guide has spaces reserved for advertising pieces: at the top and bottom of pages (anchor ads), in sidebars, within articles, between the pages of a web story and during your navigation through the site in the form of a vignette. These spaces can be occupied either by specific advertisers or by Google AdSense ads.


These are sponsored posts made to advertise a certain company’s product on our blog. These posts are written by our team, in partnership with the company that hired us.

You’ll be able to identify all the advertorials on our website and social media through the #ad tag and the phrase “This post is an advertorial”, placed at the end of each sponsored post we publish.

We carefully analyze the companies that come to us. We only accept advertorials with content related to the theme of the blog, and which we believe is relevant to our readers.

Invitations and gifts

The Brazilian Guide may receive invitations, gifts and courtesies from companies or tourism organizations, for example. However, this is not a monetization strategy for the blog and is not linked to the obligation to generate content.

When we accept an invitation, for example, we are proposing to have an experience. The choice of how we convey this experience in our posts is a matter for our editorial team alone.

We will write about what we think is relevant, and we will be honest about what was good and what was not so good. We don’t accept proposals involving a minimum number of posts or directing what we write about the experience/product.

We will always generate content that conveys our honest opinion of the experience. All posts generated from invitations, giveaways and courtesies will be indicated to readers by the #ap tag, of supported content.

Want to get in touch with us?

Just write to us at: [email protected]

and we’ll be happy to send you our media kit and discuss proposals.