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Is a Visa Required to Travel to Brazil? Everything You Need to Know About Entry into Brazil

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Is a Visa Required to Travel to Brazil? | Starting April 10, 2024, US citizens will need a visa for Brazil. UK citizens, along with Canadians and Australians, have specific entry requirements, while about 90 nationalities can enter visa-free.

If you’re thinking of visiting Brazil, one of the main topics to consider when planning your trip is whether you need a visa to enter the country.

Brazil is a very flexible country, and people of various nationalities can enter here without having to obtain a visa.

Find out more about the particularities of the entry process in Brazil below. Have a good read!

Is a Visa Required to Travel to Brazil?

For US citizens, the Brazilian visa is going to be required since April 10 of 2024. For UK citizens, the Brazilian Visa is not required to travel to the country.

See below for more information on the process of obtaining a visa for US citizens.

Brazilian Visa Rules for US Citizens

As of April 2024, citizens of the United States will need a visa to enter Brazil again. Find out the main details of this process below.

As a US Citizen, Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Brazil?

Yes, as of April 10, 2024, you will need a visa to enter Brazil, whether for tourism or business, as already announced by the Brazilian government and the US Department of State.

How Much Does This Visa Cost?

The visa for citizens of the United States to enter Brazil is an electronic visa, called an eVisa, which costs US$ 80.90.

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How Can I Apply for the Brazilian Visa as a US Citizen?

To apply for the visa you will need to enter the VFS Global website, the only agency authorized by the Brazilian government to issue the eVisa, the entire visa application process is done through this website before your trip.

What Documents Do I Need to Present for the Visa?

To obtain a visa, you will need to present the following documents:

  • Passport (signed, valid up to end of Brazil trip, 2 visa pages free);
  • Visa application form (completed online);
  • Passport-style photo (2” x 2”, white background, following the guidelines.
  • eVisa fee payment (US$ 80.90);
  • Confirmation of round trip reservation (flight, ship, or bus reservation showing entrance by air, sea or land into Brazil and exit from Brazil);
  • Printed bank statement showing transactions for the last 30 days and showing balance of US$ 2,000.00 or proof of income or credit card statement, or
    • A letter from the cruise line confirming that the visa applicant has purchased a cruise ticket, or
    • An individual proof of payment for a cruise ticket.

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Additional Requirements For Minors

In addition to the visa application requirements stated above, applicants who are younger than 18 years of age at the time of application must present the following additional materials:

  • Original birth certificate and one copy;
  • Authorization for Issuance of Brazilian Visa for a Minor, signed by both parents;
  • For children of Brazilian parent(s): Statement of Non-Citizenship declaring that the applicant is not a Brazilian citizen (does not hold a Brazilian Birth Certificate), signed by Brazilian parent(s);
  • If only one parent is listed on birth certificate, only that parents signature is required;
  • If one parent has sole custody of applicant, a notarized copy of the court order awarding sole custody and exclusive parental rights must be presented;
  • If one parent is deceased, a death certificate must be presented;
  • Copy of passports or other form of photo ID for both parents;
  • The name on the parents photo ID must match parents name on the child’s birth certificate. If said parent has changed his or her name since the issuance of the birth certificate, the parent must present documentation showing proof of the name change (e.g. marriage certificate or court order). Even if they are not minors,adults also need to present the Court Order in case of change of name.
  • Airline crew members who hold valid International Air Crew Card or Seafarers who hold valid International Seafarer Card issued under Term 185 of the International Labor Organization (ILO) are exempt from eVisa. Air crew members and Seafarers who do not hold the above mentioned cards need the eVisa.

Plan your trip to Brazil

Brazilian Visa Rules for UK Citizens

UK citizens do not need a visa to enter Brazil, however, they must pay attention to some information when they arrive in Brazil:

  • Your passport must have an ‘expiry date’ at least 6 months after the date you arrive;
  • At Brazil border control, you must be able to show:
    • Information about the purpose of your visit;
    • Evidence you have enough money for your whole stay;
    • Details of your accommodation;
    • Evidence of return or onward travel.

Brazilian Visa Rules for Canadians and Australians

The process for citizens of Canada and Australia to enter Brazil is exactly the same of US citizens. An online eVisa application must be made for a fee of US$ 80.90.

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Brazilian Visa Rules for Other Countries

For other countries, you can see Brazil’s visa policy in the official document drawn up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The document may contain information that is not updated, so it is important to confirm the information by contacting the nearest Brazilian embassy or consulate.

Brazilian Visa Pricing

Country Fee (USD)
Algeria $ 85
Angola $ 180
Australia 80,90
Canada 80,90
China $ 115
United States

(only for USA passport)

All Other Countries $ 80


FAQ About Brazilian Visas

Check out other important information about the visa to enter Brazil,

Can I Get a Visa Directly in Brazil?

No, if you are required to obtain a visa to enter Brazil, this must be done directly in your country before you travel. Brazil does not issue visas at its airports, ports and borders.

How Much Time Can I Spend in Brazil?

The standard Brazilian visa lasts 90 days and can be extended for a further 90 days for most nationalities.

Can I extend my visa while in Brazil?

Yes, but extensions are not automatic and must be requested at the Federal Police before the end of the first granted period.

Holders of passports of the “Schengen area” member States, despite benefiting from VIVIS exemption, are only allowed to remain in Brazil for 90 days every 180 days. Thus, nationals of these countries cannot have the initial 90 days’ stay extended.

Visit Brazil, you won’t regret it!

Brazil is one of the most accessible countries in the world. Around 90 nationalities can travel here without needing a visa, and those who do need one can get one without any difficulty.

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